Bourbon Barrel-Aged 'The Dos' 

barrel dos


You've been waiting for this beer. We take our Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout (this incarnation, 2013's The Dos) and age it for a year in freshly dumped Bourbon barrels. What comes out is an incredibly complex mélange of rich stout flavors combined with undertones of bourbon and wood. Hop bitterness fades over time to reveal decadent vanilla, toffee and oak. 


This beer is the ultimate end to a dinner - so rich & decadent, it hardly needs anything to pair with to finish a great meal. If you absolutely must, you could pour it straight over vanilla ice cream, drink it along side a bowl of tart cherries, or with a slice of German chocolate cake.


OG: 22.9 ºP, ABV: 10.4%, IBUs: 92

Grist: Golden Promise, Rye Malt, Carastan 35 L, Crystal 60 L, Crystal 75 L, Caramunich 120L, Roasted Barley, Black Patent, Piloncillo Sugar

Hops: Magnum, Delta