Our take on a Berliner-Style Weisse, Daisy is named after a former bartender. Daisy--the person--had been waiting (somewhat impatiently) for the release of this lightly sour and immensely refreshing summer quaffer since the grain came in off the truck. The beer is straw-pale in color with relatively high carbonation. It is light on the palate, crisp, and pretty dang tart. It is fermented partially with lactobacillus while still in the kettle, then it is pasteurized and finished with our house ale yeast. Daisy is a refreshing, sessionable ale that pairs as well with heat, shade, and misters as it does with ceviche, salty french fries, or tomato salad with goat cheese.


ABV: 3.8%, IBU: 1, SRM: 2

Grist: Rahr 2-Row, White Sonoran Wheat, Wheat Malt, Flaked Wheat, Acid Malt

Hops: Willcox Grown Cascade and Chinook