Title: Packaging Operator
Position: Full Time, entry-level
Location: Dragoon Brewing Company
Compensation: Hourly Rate, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave, Vacation (after 1 year of service)
Reports to: Head Brewer, Packaging Supervisor

Company summary
Dragoon Brewing Co. is a small, independent brewery located in Tucson, Arizona. We are dedicated to the safety of our employees and customers, the quality and consistency of our products, involvement and leadership in our local and greater beer communities and upholding the highest level of service to our customers and business partners. We are expanding our production capacity to meet the demand for Dragoon beer throughout Arizona.

Job description
Prepare, break down, and maintain all packaging equipment (can filler/seamer, keg washer, etc.)
Maintain cleanliness in Packaging, warehouse, and cold storage areas
Package beer according to company standard operating procedures (SOPs)
Record package quantities and volumes in brewery inventory software and paper logs
Cleaning, maintenance and inspection of packaging materials
Work as a team with production staff to complete routine responsibilities
Other duties as assigned

Desired qualities

We’re looking for a self-motivated individual that works well as part of a team. No prior brewing or packaging experience is required, but a basic understanding of canning technology will certainly help. The best candidate will be able to demonstrate that they are detail oriented, thorough, and dedicated to quality. The successful candidate will need to keep the safety of themselves and their co-workers a top priority.

Essential functions

  • Regular and predictable on-site job attendance
  • Managing unscheduled tasks
  • Physical activity including but not limited to:
    • Standing for long periods of time
    • Squatting, crouching, bending, kneeling
    • Twisting
    • Repetitive movements
  • Lifting up to 60 lbs unassisted and up to 160 lbs assisted
  • Manually manipulating parts, pumps and hoses
  • Pushing and pulling heavy loads
  • Access, input, and retrieve information from a computer
  • Operating packaging and cleaning equipment
  • Use of heavy machinery
  • Handling hazardous chemicals
  • Working individually and as a team
  • Working in hot and cold temperatures
  • Working on uneven surfaces and wet conditions
  • Working under time pressure
  • Encountering frequent interruptions
  • Using effective verbal communication