Hailing from the Early Cretaceous and weighing in just under 10% ABV, this beer is a ferocious beast of a Imperial IPA. Sarcosuchus is named after the legendary Supercroc--the undisputed champion of all hypothetical animal battles (e.g. Supercroc vs. Unicorn)--and like its namesake, it is perfectly capable of ripping your palate (and quite possibly your brain) to shreds. Without further ado, let's get ready to rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrumble!!! 


ABV: 9.59%, IBU: 85, SRM: 5

Grist: Rahr 2-row Malt, Crystal Malt (15°L), Munich Malt, Carapils, Acid Malt, Desert Blend Honey from Holly's Little Farm

Hops: Apollo, Simcoe, AMARILLO®, Pahto, Calypso

AMARILLO® is a trademark owned by Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc.