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Technically speaking, this isn’t a pale ale. Sure—it’s pale in color and displays a pleasant bitterness. Fine—it smells like the high side of an oast in late September. Call it whatever you want, and drink it while you can. This is a collaboration from the AZCBG Technical Committee brewed with 3 lbs per barrel of Loral, Bru-1, and Mosaic (with a smidge of Amarillo), on a base of London Lager Malt. Special thanks to our friends at Barth-Haas, Baird’s Malt, and Pall Corporation.              


ABV: 5.8% IBU: 14 SRM: 3

Malts: London Lager Malt, White Sonora Wheat, Malted Wheat, Golden Naked Oats, Acid Malt

Hops: FLEX Co2 Extract, Loral, Mosaic, Bru-1, and AMARILLO®

AMARILLO® is a trademark owned by Virgil Gamache Farms, Inc.


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  • Draft beer

  • 4-pack of 16oz cans

  • Crowler (32oz cans)

  • Growler (64oz glass)

Dragoon IPA is one of our 2 year-round beers and by far our most popular beer. Because it's our most popular beer, you can find it in all the different forms of packaging we offer. Check out the Beer Finder to find Dragoon IPA at retail accounts.