The seis



The Seis is the sixth incarnation of our Russian Imperial Stout, brewed annually in celebration of our anniversary.  It weighs in at 10.3% abv -- with a full body, and a complex flavor profile. It's a little spicy (thanks to the rye malt), a little coffee-like (from the roasted malts) and a little toffee-like (thanks to a blend of crystal malts and piloncillo, a raw mexican cane sugar). It's real big, real black, and real tasty. Hope you enjoy!


The Seis is a glass of heaven all on its own, but it pairs amazingly well with sharp blue cheeses (think Stilton or Roquefort) and rich dessert -- try it with chocolate lava cake or toffee gelato... 


ABV: 9.6 , IBU: 100 SRM: 100

Grist:  Golden Promise, Rye Malt, Carastan 35 L, Crystal 75 L, Caramunich 120L, Roasted Barley, Black Patent, Piloncillo Sugar

Hops: Magnum, E04190